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May – Language Learning Discounts

Hello language learners, SpecialOffer

Another month has passed and May is here with fantastic weather and new opportunities to improve yourself.

We have some great offers to enable you to do just that this month…


We have a range of English communication courses covering: General English, Business English and Exam Prep.

The courses are 34 hours which includes 50% with a native speaker and 50% with a Hungarian English expert.

Maximum 6 students per course.

Flexible schedule.


Job Interview package

10 hour package for small groups (max 6 students).

Flexible schedule which is 50% with a native speaker and 50% with a Hungarian English expert.


Private Lessons

Have 1 hour with a non-native English expert plus 1 hour with a native speaker via Skype in the same week for just Є 10 per hour.

Remember we also offer other languages such as Turkish and Hungarian!

E-mail: info@nlslearn.com

Tel: +36 70 200 2259

Web: www.nlslearn.com 

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nlserviceshungary

Skype: nativelanguageservices


Learn with native speakers

Learn with native speakers at NLS LearnSocial Media icon

Whether you want to learn English, Turkish, Hungarian or any other language contact NLS to see how they can help you.


  • Learn via Skype, it’s easy and interactive.
  • Lessons to suit your needs.
  • Professional and experienced teachers.
  • Only Є13 per 60 minutes.


  • Special offer: Have two teachers in the same week for just Є11 per 60 minutes.

Learn English with NLS

Welcome to Native Language ServicesLearn English 2_coolvetica

NLS is a professional English language service provider that utilises the expertise of both local language experts and native speakers to help people and businesses develop their English communication skills and confidence so that they can successfully face the challenges that they are presented with.

Wherever you are, we can help you help yourself. Either in person at our main office in Debrecen, Hungary, at the offices of one of our international partners or online via Skype.

Why choose NLS?

  • Flexibility: timetable, location, material
  • Experienced & professional teachers/translators
  • Native speakers & local language experts

NLS puts you first, our service is based on your specific needs and goals.

We provide teaching with native and non-native speakers; for maximum effectiveness, we encourage a combination of the two.

This is for two main reasons, the first is that it varies your listening skills by hearing different accents, the second is our teachers bring different strengths, such as grammar and academic brilliance from our non-native experts and a real world approach from our native speakers.

Private lessons

We currently teach English, Hungarian and Turkish

These are tailored to the students’ needs, many students prefer:

  • Interview English & simulations
  • General speaking practice
  • Exam preparation
  • Business English

Lessons can be in person at our premises in Debrecen, Hungary or on Skype.

Private lessons cost €13 per 60 minutes.

We always have discounts available so please ask.


Exam preparation courses are important for a variety of reasons, maybe it can help you get a visa to move abroad, entrance to a top university or maybe to get the job you deserve. We currently prepare students for IELTS.

General communication courses are excellent for those wanting to improve their overall ability to communicate in English. The course covers a variety of topics which depends on the level of the student. By the end of the course the student will be able to effectively discuss the topics, clearly expressing their opinions and countering alternative opinions.

Business communication courses are excellent for those wanting to improve their ability to communicate effectively on business topics and the workplace. The course covers a range of business and workplace topics. Students taking this course should have at least pre-intermediate level English.

Courses are available from €4 per person per 60 minutes.


NLS is run by native speakers of three countries; Hungary, England and Turkey. We use this expert knowledge coupled with our extensive experience to provide professional, high quality translations, edited and proofread to ensure perfect results.

We also have partners in numerous countries so whatever language you need translating, contact us to see how we can help you.

English to any language (or vice-versa) €0.01 per character.

Any language to any language €0.02 per character.

Proofreading by native speaker €0.01 per character.


Corporate training

These courses are perfect for companies wishing to improve relations with foreign clients, win international contracts, negotiate with potential clients and hold clear and effective meetings. These courses can be held at our premises in Debrecen, Hungary or at yours.

Teacher training

Our teacher training provides an ideal environment to learn how to be a better teacher, making your classes more effective. These training sessions are open to everyone, you do not need to be a teacher to take this course. These sessions are also a great opportunity to share your experiences.

Moving abroad seminars

We aim to provide suitable training to anyone seeking a job abroad with an emphasis on English speaking countries.

These training sessions cover a wide range of units which are customisable depending on the customers’ needs and plans.

These units include:

  • Learning techniques
  • Career & working abroad advice
  • About the UK
  • About Gibraltar
  • About the USA
  • Interview practice

This training package includes additional support (such as CV advice) and after-care so you don’t feel isolated after you set off to your destination.

Note: Discounts are available for the unemployed.

Training is bespoke and cost depends on several factors, such as:

Location of training:

No of participants:

No of hours (10,20,30 etc)

Additional requirements

Contact us for a quote today.