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Disunited Kingdom; Independence

The build up to the Scottish referendum on independence is gathering pace and although devolution has been bandied about for some time the definite referendum in Scotland has hammered home the reality, the union could be over.

According to RPS group Wales could have up to 12.8 trillion cubic feet of recoverable gas which if recovered would have a significant impact on the Welsh economy.

The Guardian newspaper today ran an article on Welsh independence which could follow Scotland’s especially if the Scots vote yes in 2014.

Welsh independence has up to now never really had much enthusiasm (which was generally true of Scotland as well) however with the Labour party losing the general election in 2010 making way for a conservative/liberal democrat coalition things have changed.

Constant attacks on the vulnerable in society, the elderly, the disabled and those on low incomes by the coalition has led to a sense that the people of Scotland and Wales (who didn’t vote for either the liberal democrats or the conservatives) have a very different future in mind from that of the English electorate.

An opinion poll for the first time suggests that a majority (51%) back Scottish independence, it seems the more David Cameron tries to tell Scotland when they must have their referendum and how it must be worded the less the Scots want to do with a conservative England.

Once one goes the rest will follow… It’s possible but it doesn’t always happen and at the moment Wales needs England financially but if the gas reserved are explored then that will no longer be the case. Then there is the reality that the issue of independence is not only economically driven, national and cultural identities and the right to self-determination are key factors.

There are advantages and disadvantages to the potential break up of the union but there is a chance that a new union could be formed. A union of like minded nations heading in the same direction on a foundation of similar principals and ethics.

This could theoretically involve Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, a union of Celtic nations leaving England to continue on its own desired path of privatisation and centre-right politics and economics.

Further down the line could see Cornwall, the last bastion of Celtic culture break away from England and join this union of Celtic nations. The political party Mebyon Kernow which stands and campaigns only in Cornwall has been running since the early 50’s, has councillors and is pressing for independence.


Live Election Debates – Democracy in the UK

As most will know in the UK we have for the first time having election debates televised live (on the 15th April, 22nd April and the 29th April 2010).

For those who keep up with the news will know that from some corners there has been a lot of anger and disgrace over these debates.

The loudest shouts have been coming from the Scottish National Party (SNP) and Plaid Cymru (PC) but also from the UK’s 4th largest party the United Kingdon Independence Party (UKIP) and the 6th largest the Green Party of England & Wales.

Ofcom states:

“The allocation of party political and election broadcasts is determined mainly on the basis of the parties electoral strength and the number of seats they are contesting.”

Strength: SNP are in government in Scotland, PC are in jointly in the Welsh assembly.

Seats Contested: The Green Party and UKIP are standing in around 50% of constituencies.

The SNP will get a Scottish live debate as will PC in Wales however it goes without saying that the coverage will be much smaller.

As has been seen with the live debates that the Liberal Democrats have seen a surge in the polls, including the likes of the others could have radically change the face of the political system in the UK