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The Leveson Report & the EU

After reading the Leveson inquiry in the news and nucleus.uk.net‘s Leveson write up I thought I would pass some comments.

For those who don’t know the Leveson report/inquiry looks into the ethics, culture and practice of the press in the UK. A summery can be found here.

The part I want to focus on in relation to a regulatory body is…

‘The body should consider encouraging the press to be as transparent as possible in relation to sources for its stories, if the information is in the public domain.’

Which leads me to the list of outrageous nonsense the British media have spouted over the years about the EU (found here) which has created an unprecedented amount of negativity towards the European Union and no doubt an irreversible amount of damage (so much so that a UK referendum on leaving the EU is on the cards).

These people in the media, the owners, the journalists and editors etc clearly have an agenda whether that is their own personal agenda or one being handed down by politicians is pretty much unimportant, the point is that facts must be shown to the public, then commentators can add their own opinions of the facts.

Freedom of the press is a must, however the truth should be a must too. Too many papers twist the truth, spin the truth or just outright lie.

This must be stopped and made illegal, it effects people and their opinions of people, parties and institutions.

Remember the EU bendy bananas nonsense? Yes because it’s all made-up!


EU Bells Are Ringing

It seems as though the European Commission has decided for us what level we can listen to music at. With a default maximum setting of 85 decibels and an override option taking it to a maximum of 100 decibels. Currently there is no standard volume in the industry, some personal music players have been found to go as high as 120 decibels (the equivalent of a jet taking off) and DigitalEurope who represent the industry think it should stay that way.

Is this just another attempt by Brussels to dictate to its citizens what it can and can’t do? No doubt the euro-sceptics will use this in their nationalist pursuits to further their cause of independence from Brussels despite the sound reasoning for the commissions decision as numbers of people seeing their GP for hearing loss keeps on rising.

Personally I know when someone is listening to their mp3 player on the train or bus and everyone else can hear it there is nothing more annoying. If they don’t turn it down, along with deafness they may get a swift smack to the head.