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Rail contract to keep the UK in the EU?

EU UK rail flagA lot has been reported in the media lately over the UK’s relationship with the EU. A UK referendum offering the public an in/out choice is likely to mean a sharp exit if current opinion polls are to be believed.

What Brits need to be convinced of is what Europe can do for them in terms of jobs and the economy and in ‘coincidental timing’ some German rail contracts have been given to the UK’s National Rail, a contract said to be worth £1.4bn.

Normally German rail contracts go to German companies, in particular the state owned Deutsche Bahn so this move could spark some to speculate that the move is politically motivated.

It is unclear at the moment how many jobs will be created and/or secured due to these contracts but surely it will be used by the ‘Yes to the EU’ camp in the run up to the referendum campaign.

One final thought…

Does Germany really want a UK company operating in their country? Germany famed for it’s punctuality, safety and performance whereas the UK is famed for ‘leaves on the track’, constant delays and in 2010 National Rail’s safety record came under heavy scrutiny after a whistleblower brought to light serious safety issues and faked reports.


Are the Brits Really That Desperate to Leave the EU?

Most Brits don’t really understand the EU and with headlines like EU to ban bendy bananas etc the sheep like masses soon easily follow the anti-EU bandwagon and when the EU funds projects to help young people or whoever the EU doesn’t get any credit just something in the small print.
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