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Turkey: The worst OECD country for workers

No to Turkey in the EUWorst 5 OECD countries by % working more than 40hrs pw:

Turkey 92.6
Slovenia 91.6
Hungary 91.4
Poland 88.8
Chile 87.4

OECD Countries by more than 40 hours pw

Worst 5 OECD countries by average annual salaries:OECD Countries by average annual salaries


Overall worst OECD for workers: Turkey


2012 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI)

So the 2012 CPI has just been released listing 176 countries by level of corruption (I assume that the countries not on the list are so corrupt that a report couldn’t be made).

Any surprises?

Somalia is last at 176th I suppose that is a surprise in that a report could actually be made whereas one for South Sudan (among others) couldn’t.

Barbados came 15th which really surprised me to have a Caribbean island higher than the US and UK.

Cuba came 58th ahead of Croatia, Slovakia and Italy.

Rwanda in 50th ahead of the Czech Republic, Turkey and Italy.

No surprise…

The European Union dominates the top slots with two EU countries equaling 1st alongside New Zealand.
There are 3 EU countries in the top 5 and 6 European countries in the top 10.

The US is in 19th

China is in 80th

Greece and Italy languishing in 94th and 72nd respectfully (well done to the Mediterranean contingent).


Northern European countries are awesome and southern European countries are awful (nothing we didn’t already know).