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Installing Championship Manager 2001/02 on Linux Ubuntu

Before we start I’d like to say that I have chosen CM 01/02 for a number of reasons, first, CM 01/02 is now legally free to download, second, it has (in my opinion) the best game-play and thirdly, it has an excellent update patch right up to 2013.

This means you use the old 01/02 layout but all the stats, transfers, promotions etc are all right up-to-date.

To install MS Office on Linux you need 4 things:

1) Linux 🙂
2) Disk Image Mounter
2) Wine (the program, not the drink)
3) Champ Man 01/02

If you do not have Wine, go to the ‘Ubuntu Software Centre’ and download it.

Normally Disk Image Mounter is already on your system, if it isn’t download it from the same place.

Download CM0102.iso

Right-click open with Disk Image Mounter

This will create a drive for the ‘CD’

Open it

Champ Man mount iso Screenshot

Right-click on ‘Setup.exe’ open with Wine Windows program loader

Champ Man setup Screenshot

Then choose a suitable language

Champ Man choose language Screenshot

Go through the standard procedure with installation (accepting the license agreements etc) – Yes – Next – Next – Next

Champ Man installing Screenshot


Champ Man complete Screenshot

Champ Man finished Screenshot

Installed, very quick and easy

Champ Man opened Screenshot

If you wish to update your CM 01/02 with the latest everything you can download the patches and data updates etc here.