European Jedi Order (EJO)

EJO SymbolThe European Jedi Order (EJO) is for all those who who want to make the world a better place by finding a balance between out spiritual and physical sides.

Mission Statement

The European Jedi Order (EJO) strives to bring together members of the Jedi Community in Europe operating as both an umbrella organisation to the many Jedi orders within its territory and as an order in its own right. We will also work with our international partners under a unified banner to ensure across the board standards. We will search for members in the Jedi community across Europe and aid them in the development of spiritual training. We will organise gatherings and events as well as train other Jedi and expand the community.

The EJO aims to create a home, both physical and spiritual for all Jedi in Europe and provide spiritual, mental and physical training to all Jedi and prospective Jedi.

Social Mission

To bring peace and balance to ourselves and others.

How to get in touch with the EJO






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