Make or break for Turkey?

Is it make or break for Turkey?

Shoeboxes a symbol of corruption.

Shoeboxes, a symbol of corruption.

These are very turbulent times for Turkey and its authoritarian (and often paranoid) Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The ongoing corruption scandal that has gripped the AKP government which has ruled Turkey for the last 11 years has already claimed 3 MPs with their resignations and the PM’s son Bilal Erdogan has been ordered to testify in court (which he hasn’t done).

Hitting out at the corruption investigations the PM will take on Turkey’s (theoretically) independent judiciary, limiting their powers, effectively overriding Article 138 of the constitution which dictates that the judiciary must be independent.

Parliamentary Speaker Cemil Çiçek has deplored the end of judicial independence in Turkey citing that “Article 138 of the Constitution is not functioning”

Meanwhile PM Erdogan in his usual paranoid authoritarian way has said that the blatant corruption scandal (millions of dollars found in shoe boxes in peoples homes) is a conspiracy against him and his government and a coup plot.

There are two main choices for Turkey, the path of democracy, secularism and Europe or the path of authoritarianism, strict Islam and a future away from Europe.


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