Turkey; Things go from bad to worse

Turkish corrupt flagFollowing on from the corruption raids yesterday that saw prominent people and family of ministers arrested the obvious corruption continues as the police chiefs (5 of them) that oversaw the raids have been fired.

Yes that’s right, corruption in Turkey was exposed and those who exposed it lost their jobs in true farcical manner.

The arrest count has since gone up with the latest reports said to be up to 84 people.

In a continuation from that story 4.5 million dollars was found in shoe boxes in the home of the arrested Halkbank manager.

Istanbul’s historical region mayor Mustafa Demir has been accused of putting money people peoples safety in allowing construction projects to go ahead and turning a blind-eye to dodgy developers in exchange for cash.

These are truly chaotic times for Turkey, the AKP, PM Erdogan and its fake democracy.

The European Union (EU) should take note of these goings on and not allow the visa free movement of Turkish citizens within its territory which is expected to happen within 3 years.
Certainly with the huge democratic deficit in Turkey their EU entry application should be put on hold indefinitely.


2 responses to “Turkey; Things go from bad to worse

  1. Emir Tortopoğlu

    Very nice blog, if a little anti-Turkish 😀
    Sadly, most of what you write is true about Turkey, I’m a student in Istanbul and while I consider Istanbul as one of the most ‘European’ parts of Turkey, we have still a long way to go ( A LOOONG WAY). Hell, I can’ even say I’m an atheist without any worries that people will discriminate against me (Though I have never, ever seen/heard people killing each other just because they are not muslim, it happens at the eastern parts of Turkey where there are more Kurdish people, but not in Istanbul or Ankara as far as I know)

  2. Merhaba ve sag’ol.

    I used to live in Ankara (for 2 years) and I found the people to be generally very ‘backward’.

    The point of the blog is to highlight the reality in Turkey and dispell some myths that people have outside of Turkey. A tourist for example coming to Turkey will go to turist locations and meet people who work in the tourist industry giving a VERY different view of what Turkey is like.

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