Turkish civil servants and sons of government ministers arrested

Turkish corrupt flagOn the 12th I wrote about corruption in Turkey and how friends and family of the government get the pick of what’s available, that’s how the system works.

Well today’s news comes as no surprise to anyone who is familiar with Turkey, 37 people have been arrested, those people include sons of government ministers and civil servants.

The arrested:
The sons of the interior minister, the economy minister and the environment and city planning minister were detained as well as civil servants from the Environment Ministry and the Economy Ministry.
Halkbank General Manager, a Turkish construction tycoon and an Azerbaijani businessman were amongst the 37 arrested.

Bribery relating to public tenders:
The suspects are accused of accepting and facilitating bribes for some projects and getting construction permits for protected areas in exchange for money.
bribery relating to public tenders.

Dangerous, over-crowded dolmuş

Dangerous, over-crowded dolmuş

Unfortunately this exposure is just a small amount in the reality of Turkish corruption which is at the top and runs right down to the bottom, from Prime Minister Erdogan using state funds to fund his families lifestyle to the dolmuş mini-buses paying off local police because they are too crowded.

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