Turkey continues down the authoritarian path

This time we’re talking about television. Turkey holds an iron fist when it comes to freedom of expression and opinion. Working hard to control exactly what people can and can’t see and hear.

Turkey smoking flower

Smoking replaced by a cartoon flower

Turkey drinking blur

Drinking alcohol replaced by blurred pixels

In Turkey you cannot see someone smoking and drinking on television, smoking is replaced by a cartoon style flower and drinking has been replaced by blurred pixels.
Talking about subjects like sex or religion (amongst other things) is heavily monitored and controlled

Turkish desperate housewives

Umutsuz Ev Kadınları fined $60,000

Today’s papers talk about Turkey’s TV watchdog that has fined the Turkish version of Desperate Housewives $60,000 for sexual innuendo, for a wife saying to her husband that after dinner they will have ‘dessert’. The article can be read here.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons fined £18,427

About this time last year the TV channel that aired a Simpsons episode was fined £18,427 for mocking God. That article can be found here.

Once again these are not the values that Europe stands for and certainly have no place in the European Union.


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