Turkish dictatorship continues…

No to Turkey in the EUThe authoritarian rule of Turkey continues, two weeks ago Turkish PM Erdogan criticized mixed-sex university dorms, vowing to put a stop to the ‘tyranny‘. Erdogan told a parliamentary group “We need to intervene” in people’s private lives.

Now the next step is for the Turkish government to ban mixed-sex education.

Sadık Yakut (of the ruling AKP), deputy parliamentary speaker has called for the “big mistake” of mixed-sex education to be corrected.

Where will this end? Segregated buses so boys and girls don’t sit next to each other? Separated girls learning to cook and sew while boys learn trades?

These values that Turkey holds so close, do not belong in Europe. Europe is a place that holds opposite values, values of freedom and liberty. Anyone supporting Turkey’s entry into the EU must not have a problem with authoritarian rule.

While the developed world strides forward, Turkey goes backwards.


3 responses to “Turkish dictatorship continues…

  1. People, generally, find it most difficult to keep their religious beliefs to themselves seeing that spreading their beliefs by any means is a central command of their Gods – christian/muslim. The gradual changes in Turkey are frightening..

  2. Yeah, it’s very dissapointing to see, I just hope that behaviour and attitude is not rewarded by the EU by allowing entry.

    • Not going to happen; the secular State of Ataturk’s era is dead. Besides that, it would be a grave mistake for Turkey and the E.U, the arrangement is fine just the way it is… everybody wins.

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