Installing Microsoft Office 2007 on Linux Mint

Before we start I want to state that MS Office is neither needed nor wanted, there are free, open-source alternatives available, such as Libre Office or Open Office.
To install MS Office on Linux you need 3 things:

1) Linux 🙂
2) Wine (the program, not the drink)
3) MS Office 2007

If you do not have Wine, open ‘Software Manager’ and download it.

Depending on the version of MS Office you MAY need to change your WINE settings.

Menu – Wine – Configue Wine – Applications – Windows Version – Change to appropriate version (for this tutorial I have changed it to Windows XP).

MS Office Wine config screenshot

Download MS office 2007

Open the MS Office 2007 folder

Right click on the setup.exe file, select ‘open with’ then Wine Windows Program Loader

MS Office setup screenshot

Then the activation page will come up (just the same as it does in Windows)
MS Office activation screenshot

Put in your activation key


Accept the terms – continue

Press ‘install now’

MS Office installation progress screenshot

When it’s finished you will get this screen:

MS Office completed screenshot

Now you can select which program you want to open from the menu bar

MS Office 2007 Menu Bar

Now we can use the programs.

Here you can see MS Office 2007 running on Linux Mint (via Wine)

MS Office opened screenshot


One response to “Installing Microsoft Office 2007 on Linux Mint

  1. Venkat Srinivasan

    Thank you. A simple yet a perfect solution to a novice like me who wants to use open source OS. kudos! and continue to help. God bless.

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