Turkey’s standards and EU membership

Turkey EU flagNews of a balloon crash in Cappadocia, Turkey which has killed 2 tourists and left 20 injured, many with broken bones should come as a stark reminder of how far Turkey still has to come before it is anywhere near the Europe’s standards.

The news of the crash instantly reminded me of a story one of my former students told me. He is Turkish and like many most Turkish people they tend to holiday within their own country. While on holiday he went bungee jumping and much to his horror the cord came off one of his legs! Fortunately he was fine, he immediately complained of course but they merely offered his money back.

Of course we must understand that genuine accidents do happen but when laws are lax, private companies just see people as sources of money and the laws that do exist are not monitored and enforced there is a problem.

Issues like this must not be forgotten when it comes to Turkey’s bid for European Union (EU) membership. If Turkey is allowed to join it will be a huge stain on Europe, damaging its high standards and credibility.


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