UK Christmas & the economic crises

Christmas is coming up soon and students (Chinese and Turkish) used to ask me what Christmas was like/about in the UK.

Well, as the last couple of census’ have shown us religion (and in particular Christianity) in the UK is on the rapid decline, however this doesn’t/hasn’t effected how we in the UK celebrate Christmas.

For most of the UK (God believers or not) Christmas is now more about family time, a time of the year when families get together and exchanges a gift to show their love and appreciation for each other (as well as eat and drink far to much).

Economic crises

Since the economic crises hit, Christmas has been somewhat a time of panic, panic for the parents who can no longer afford the latest games console for their kids, panic for the high-street businesses who will shortly realise that they are about to go into administration which in turn follows the panic for the governments and the market.

Last month Comet went into administration, who will be next?


Historically Christmas was a time when consumerism went crazy and businesses really cashed in but with the UK’s triple A rating under threat the continued outlook is still rather gloomy. People’s jobs are not safe enough to risk spending money they don’t have, businesses will suffer and more redundancies will follow.


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