Multi-generational interstellar travel; size & design.

7,350m2 garden
3000 accommodation rooms 10m2 each 24,180m2
50m2 Medical bay
16739m2 Corridors/lifts/storage space
1148m2 Engineering & maintenance
1014m2 Science rooms
517m2 Health facilities
50m2 Command
230m2 Recreational & dining
100m2 Educational
100m2 Manufacturing
200m2 Misc


1 square = 3.19m2

Accommodation  (gray and white)
Command (red)
Sick bay (dark blue)
Manufacturing (dark gold)
Educational (purple)
Health facilities (yellow)
Engineering (gold)
Misc (dark gray)
Science (blue)
Recreational & dining (pink)
Garden (green)


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