Multi-generational interstellar travel; what to consider.

I’ve been thinking a lot about multi-generational interstellar travel lately, is it just me or has there been a lot of developments on the space front recently? Finding new planets and planets that may be habitable or easily terraformable (ETP), this has probably led me to think about the subject.

For now a want to leave aside the cost of such a project.

Firstly, what are the main issues to consider?

-Inc (but not limited to) Propulsion, Artificial gravity system, Water purification, Computerised systems

Ship size
-Inc (but not limited to) Size, Design

-Inc (but not limited to) Quantity, Hierarchy, Skills, Selection process

Mission objectives
-Inc (but not limited to) Scientific research, Exploration, Colonisation

Facilities and features
-Inc (but not limited to) Garden, Recreation, Accommodation, Medical, Laboratories, Health, Educational

On-board manufacturing/production
-Inc (but not limited to) Clothes, food, Repairs

Ship economics
-Inc (but not limited to) Employment, Money/Credits

-Inc (but not limited to) Fate of future generations, Risk

Each section is worthy of a full entry which will come later but first I want to make sure that I haven’t missed any obvious topics/issues.


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