Education for Sale

Under Conservative reform plans private companies and organisation would be allowed to set up academy schools in England, potentially for financial gain.

Yesterday (28/02/10) Conservative MP Michael Gove, the shadow Secretary of State for Children, Schools and families couldn’t answer a simple question of whether or not private companies would be allowed to make financial profit from pupils when probed by the BBC.

This could be another sign that UK education is taking a turn towards a US style system, maybe corporate advertising on school grounds will be next. This will lead to growing concerns that students are being viewed as consumers not people to be educated, the educational system is currently viewed by many as nothing more than a conveyor belt for employment with actual teaching and learning taking a back seat.

The Conservatives, long standing supporters of the free market have until the current economic climate been publicly been strong supporters of adopting an American style system though they have been much less vocal about this since the recession.


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