EU Bells Are Ringing

It seems as though the European Commission has decided for us what level we can listen to music at. With a default maximum setting of 85 decibels and an override option taking it to a maximum of 100 decibels. Currently there is no standard volume in the industry, some personal music players have been found to go as high as 120 decibels (the equivalent of a jet taking off) and DigitalEurope who represent the industry think it should stay that way.

Is this just another attempt by Brussels to dictate to its citizens what it can and can’t do? No doubt the euro-sceptics will use this in their nationalist pursuits to further their cause of independence from Brussels despite the sound reasoning for the commissions decision as numbers of people seeing their GP for hearing loss keeps on rising.

Personally I know when someone is listening to their mp3 player on the train or bus and everyone else can hear it there is nothing more annoying. If they don’t turn it down, along with deafness they may get a swift smack to the head.


2 responses to “EU Bells Are Ringing

  1. Do you have the link to the document? As far as I know the present proposal only relates to a consultation which will be held in spring – so nothing has been decided yet.

    However, according to Commission officials the proposal foresees a fixed default volume level (which does not exist at the moment), but consumers are free to turn it up to “dangerous” levels if they want…

    • No the proposal hasn’t been approved yet, hence why I started of with “it seems” rather than “they have”.

      They can override the default but only up to 100 decibels, 120 will not be possible even when overrided.

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